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Shining Sun
Nice melodies and rhythms creates a perfect context for the Hang Drum
Price: €5.00

The Digital Download will contain:

  • 5 Tracks
  • Front/Rear Cover Artwork
  • Cubanito Backstage Video
  • “Power Animals & Nature” Paint from Ramon H.Torres



 Spot CD Promo   |  AcroYoga  |  Sicily


CD Presentation  |  Meditation  |  Sicily










Messina, 15 January 2016

Produced by Claudio Vadalà with the partecipation of Nacho Vila Sanchis. Electronic Music & Hang Drum in a travel dedicated to the SUN.
Guided meditation with Aura, Professor to the school of Naturopathy of Reggio Calabria (Italy). Reiki Master Teacher.

 CD Presentation  |  Live Concert  |  Valencia, Spain

Valencia, 19 December 2015

“We were in London, we understood that there were music connection from the first moment. Our creativity was born from a need: The Sun, one essential element who belongs to our lands, who gives life, feed the plants and fruits which who we export in all around the world and we are proud of it. This is the element who fed the construction of the CD. I want that you concentrate on the SUN and the various parts we find during the day: In the morning Pachamama the wake up for your body, from the sunrise until midday, when we cover to don’t burn our skin and this is Gravitational Walk, than in the afternoon Cubanito, full of energy and dance spirit! In the end Creative Flair to finish the solar day with a beautiful sunset.” Shining Sun

Live Valencia Hang Picture

Photo-Book | Meditation with Hang |  Nicola Bombaci

Interview | Valentina Romeo | London

  • How did you know Claudio and what of him make you realize to unify your artistic energies?

Nacho: I meet Claudio in O’Neils, a pub located in London West-End. Our meet point is quite interested, it was like that: I was waiting in the queue to went inside pub, then the security guy ask me: What do you have in this bag? , In that moment, I take off the instrument of my bag, and Fortunately Claudio was back to me. In ten minutes our curiosity about the music joined us, and we had a great conversation. Immediately, I realize about the knowledge and soul that Claudio achieve along his live, so…I just thought “such a present meet this guy who is really interested in the music and want experiment the Hang Drum power”.
From that moment we started our project and the most important thing, one healthy and harmonious relationship.

  • Who inspired you? How did you gain your musical knowledge and artistic skills?

Claudio: Personalmente conosco questo strumento dall’estate del 2010, quando lo vidi dal vivo per la prima volta, mi ha subito colpito e ho iniziato a fare delle ricerche per avere più informazioni, col passare del tempo ho avuto modo di ascoltare sia delle produzioni dei creatori originali (PAN Art) sia di molti artisti che hanno beneficiato dello strumento come Peter Cushin, Steve Shehan o più commercialmente Davide Swarup e Hang Massive ad esempio.

Nacho: As a musician I grew up in the music band of my town, there I get the most part of the theory knowledge (which are really limited) There, I got as well the most important “ the love of performance music”. I got musical knowledge of different styles as jazz, classic music, popular music, electronic music. I’m really opened to all kind of music, because I believe that in the variety and in the diversity are the wealth of the wisdom.

I want to became a complete musician, available to join and perform all kind of experimental music, for this reason now is the moment to create, experiment and share knowledges whit other people and continue to grow as a person and professional. About the inspiration, things that most help me are the nature, conversations whit people who as well love the music, listening music as much as I can, reading books and been aware about my internal emotions.

  • What is the goal of this project? which difficulties you met to realize it?

Claudio: Lo scopo primordiale è stato guardarsi faccia a faccia e divertirci della musica che stavamo creando, successivamente abbiamo notato che avremmo potuto fare qualcosa di più che divertirci: realizzare un disco e distribuire la nostra musica liberamente con l’unico scopo del concetto di scambio, esattamente come si faceva una volta, prima dell’utilizzo della moneta.

Nacho: The goal of the project is try to arrive as much people as we can, because we are doing is something that the people can join, can help them to found some inspiration. For other hand, we show through this project a possibility to create music with a basic studio, and without the necessity to have a lot of resources, as the most part of the people. About the problems: How to put our schedules at same time, some technical problems… but honestly, all this things are just part of the project, and through difficulties we realize that nothing can stop us if the volition is high and we are determined.

  • Any collaborations with other members?

Claudio: Abbiamo felicemente avuto la possibilità di ospitare un appassionato chitarrista in due delle nostre tracce, sto parlando di Marco Benetton, che ha contribuito in un gioco melodico con l’Hang Drum in “Cubanito” e in un orecchiabile riff in “Creative Flair” rispettivamente quarta e quinta traccia dell’Album

Nacho: As I told, I am really open to other styles, other opinions, so always is interesting get feedback and share music with people who want contribute to get bigger the project. So We will see If someone start with us in a new project, I pretty sure that Yes, because in this project we got the support of great people as a Marco as a guitarist, Nils as a graphic artist, Ramon as a painter…so in the next one will happen the same!

Credete che in Italia ci sia ancora il modo per sperimentare nella musica o nel vostro genere in particolare?

Claudio: In Italia, come nel resto del mondo, esistono appassionati ed ascoltatori di musica, noi puntiamo a raggiungere coloro i quali sono interessati nel conoscere i contesti che abbiamo creato intorno all’Hang Drum, appassionati di musica rilassante e ascoltatori di musica sperimentale-elettronica

Intervista a cura di Valentina Romeo, giornalista freelancer a Londra

Concert | Percorsi tra Acqua e Roccia | Hang Drum, Tibetan Bowls & Electronic Music

Il Convivio – Articolo a cura di Maria Vadalà

Gazzetta del Sud – Messina, 18 Ottobre 2015

“Concluso il primo dei tre eventi della rassegna “Tra acqua e roccia: alla ricerca dello Spiritus Loci”, “”Percorsi…” promosso nell’ambito della riqualificazione e valorizzazione del parco sub urbano Madonna Gala di Francavilla di Sicilia… All’incontro è intervenuto il sindaco Pasquale Monea, che ha sottolineato la rilevanza socio culturale delle iniziative promosse e si è concluso con un momento di musica e meditazione guidato dalla musicista e docente del Centro studi bionaturali di Reggio Calabria, Maria Laura Giunta (Aura), affiancata da Nacho Vila Sanchis (percussionista) e Claudio Lillo Vadalà (Compositore)”


01. Pachamama Part A
02. Pachamama Part B
03. Gravitational Walk
04. Cubanito (Ft. Benetton)
05. Creative Flair (Ft. Benetton)

  • 5 Tracks
  • Front/Rear Cover Artwork
  • 1 Cubanito Backstage Video
  • 1 Paint from Ramon H.Torres