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Sound Designer - Composer

Claudio Vadalà | Curriculum


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Sound Design & Productions

SolverTongue Remix Contest for Young The Giant – Fueled by Ramen production

Drum & Bass released on YouTube in collaboration with Alessia Leonti – Graphics


Old School / HipHop release featuring A.M.B. powered by Italian Recordings


Electronic HangDrum experiment – Cinematic score, ambient music

Demo for Sound Library released by Subsonic Artz

Mixing Engineer for Make a Change release from Our Brixton – Potent Whisper


Music for italian TV spot based on energy renewing and bio-construction – La Ore Ecology 

Funny orchestration!  work with cartoon scene inspired me to create a mix between electro-swing  & orchestra (always present in the whole Tom & Jerry collection). This project was also presented as attachment of my Master thesis in Music Technology: “Music Programming – From VSTs to Sequencers”


Portfolio 2014 DOWNLOAD

Claudio Vadalà – Portfolio

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